Szpital UROMED - Jeste?my dla Ciebie
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About us
Thank you for choosing The Uro-med Urology Clinic.
As a team of specialists we offer you a wide range of urological services. The Uro-med Urology Clinic has been providing quality care for urologic problems such as stone diseases (ESWL, URS), prostate disorders (TULAP) urinary incontinence, urological cancers, female urology and male sexual dysfunction for over 6 years.
As the practice of urology constantly changing our specialists continuously updates their medical knowledge, techniques and skills.


ODDZIA? w Koszalinie ODDZIA? w S?upsku
UROMED Koszalin
ul. G?owackiego 7
Rejestracja Telefoniczna 94 34 000 65
lub 601 68 25 68
ul. Lelewela 58
Rejestracja Telefoniczna 601 68 25 69
lub 601 68 25 68
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